Go Pro Hero 7 Black

5 reasons to keep the GoPro Hero 7 instead of switching to the Hero 8

GoPro Hero 7 Vs Hero 8 the one you should pick

Overview on featured action camera

1. The color difference

In therm of color, the GoPro Hero 8 puts a little red in the colors which gives them more vibrance. As a result, it does help to see more detail in the images making them sharper. However, the Hero 7 is more true to real life color and the quality itself is not bad at all. One counter to the Hero 8‘s image quality is that the footage taken with this model is going to take more memory. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preferences. It will depend on whether you want slightly more details or do you want more realism and more free spaces.

2. Wind noise

The second main difference and probably the most noticeable one is the wind noise. When comparing the GoPro Hero 7 to the previous models, we see how much the microphones have been improved. However, after listening to the same footage from the Hero 7 and the Hero 8, you’ll be shocked to hear how much GoPro can improve their system in only 1 year. As a result, it felt like the Hero 8 had a wind sock on, mitigating most of the wind noise you would hear from the 7. Yet again, the Hero 7 by itself is not bad at all! Plus, people using a GoPro for security purpose, (which every rider should do) are going to focus more the video footage than the sound and The moto vloggers, will use an external microphone inside of their helmet. That counters this argument in behalf of the Hero 7 model.

3. Night Footage

This one is a solid win for the GoPro Hero 7. When comparing night video footage of the 2, the GoPro Hero 8 looks almost blurry compared to the Hero 7. Plus, it seems like the stabilisation is scarified because the system is trying to capture the images with good quality. Which it fails at compared to the Go Pro Hero 7. So, one more reason to pick the Hero 7

4. Housing

There is no housing needed for the Hero 8 to mount is while the Hero 7 stays with the same old system. However, the little feeds in the bottom of the Hero 8 to attach it to the mount fell kinda flimsy. They feel like they can break anytime so it does not inspire confidence

5. The lens

In contrary to the GoPro Hero 7, the lens on the GoPro hero 8 is not replaceable. If you break it, you have to send the whole camera to GoPro so they can repair it. Which will probably cost a lot of money if it’s not on warranty. However, the Hero 7, you just need to buy a new one and you are good to go. You can click here to purchase your own lens cover from Amazon!

My Verdict

From my perspective, if you already have the GoPro Hero 7, you should keep your money and stick with it. Because, if you are a motovlogger, your are not going to fall behind in therm of video quality because of the camera. If you are juste using the GoPro for safety, a hero 3 would be way more than enough for you. However, if you had anything under the Hero 7 or you didn’t have a GoPro, I would suggest that you buy the new Hero 8 because of it’s ease of use. Since it’s newer than the 7, it will stay relevant longer. Unless you don’t have the budget of course, than I would recommend that you purchase a used GoPro Hero 7 on Amazon, you’ll be more than happy with it.

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