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4 Best Cellphone Mounts for Motorcycle Riders On a Budget

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Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount

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A fantastic and safe motorcycle phone holder.

Phone mounts on, a budget a buyers guide

As a motorcyclist, it is very important keep your eyes on the road. However, sometimes, you will need to follow a GPS on your phone, hence the reason why it’s necessary to look for an easy way to access your phone on the road. A good quality motorcycle phone mount is just the equipment for you. Problem is, they can be expensive. By using these cell phone mounts, you can freely use your Smartphone and navigate through the roads without compromising your safety and security (Please DO NOT text and ride. These mounts should only be used for GPS or other necessary task that does not affect you focus on the road and surroundings) plus, without breaking the bank.

With hundreds and thousands of models and brands available in the market, it can be a little daunting to purchase the right product. In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the best safety phone mounts for motorcycle riders to help you choose a suitable phone mount form the market on a budget. Keep reading to know everything that must be acknowledged before making a final decision.  

Overview of featured phone mounts

Image Product Pros Cons Link
Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount
• Nice and sturdy • Large clamps and secure grip • Handlebar compatibly • Universal
• Not waterproof
Ailun Motorcycle
• Low price • Shock absorbent • Durable and washable • Easy installation
• Lacking grip
Vibrelli Universal Motorcycle & Bike Phone Mount
• Multiple bands included • Fast installation • Universal fit • Full-screen access
• Low-quality clamp
RYYMX Bicycle Phone Holder
• Universal • Secure & strong • Easy installation • 360-degree rotation
• No waterproofing capabilities

The Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount is a perfect option for every bike and motorcycle enthusiast. It is universal to almost all kinds of phones. You can securely fit it to any device up to 3.5 inches wide. The size of the mount is fully adjustable to fit different handlebar sizes of bicycles or motorcycles.

Another best thing about this phone mount is its secure grip and large clamp. Two-points of contact and the Co-Pilot feature can securely mount your Smartphone to the handlebars via a premium hard plastic grip and silicone net. This way, the mount perfectly secures every corner of your device tightly without dropping.

The use of premium hard plastic in the construction of this mount prevents it from damaging or breaking. The silicone net, on the other hand, is exceptionally durable and strong. It has the ability to stretch up to 4 times and secure any phone during outdoor adventures.


  • Nice and sturdy
  • Largest clamp and good secure grip
  • Good handlebar compatibly
  • Universal for all kinds of phones


  • Not waterproof

If you are looking for a waterproof motorcycle mount that offers stress-free installation and amazing grip, look no further than Ailun Motorcycle Mountain Bike Phone Mount Holder Stand.

This universal motorcycle mount is compatible with every kind of cellphone that features a screen size of about 4-6 inches. The mount is made from washable and durable soft silicone material, which means it won’t harm, scratch, or damage your phone’s screen.

All the motorcyclists and bikers looking for a decent, affordable mount will just love how easy it is to install this model. Simply loop the silicone belts into the mount and around the handlebars. You can choose one of the given eight adjustment loops and securely tighten up the holder.

Also, the Ailun Motorcycle Mountain Bike Phone Mount is shock absorbent. Since it is made with super-strong silicone, it is dust-resistance and washable. However, I would not personally trust it when it comes to riding on a highway. It does not appeal confidence in that manner. So, I would recommend it to city commuters and the low CC engine motorcycle that vibrates a lot. Because it does absorb the vibrations quite a bit.


  • Amazing price
  • Shock absorbent
  • Durable and washable
  • Easy installation


  • The grip is lacking as compared to other products on the list

The Vibrelli Universal Motorcycle & Bike Phone Mount can fit almost every Smartphone device up to 3.7 inches wide. It comes with strong, adjustable clamps and 3 silicone bands to firmly grip your device during outdoor expeditions.

This mount can fit bicycle and motorcycle handlebars up to 0.9-1.3 inches diameter, which makes it a great option for E-bikes, ATVs, mountain bikes, and mopeds. The best part of this phone mount is its minimalistic profile and a slim line design. Thanks to its ball-and-socket design, you can rotate the mount to 360-degrees and adjust your phone according to the position you want. Just relocate your desired angle and let the mount hold our device confidently.

It can easily grip any size handlebar without rattling since there are spaces for thicker bars. This mount grips your phone from the corners, so you can use your phone comfortably while riding. It is also incredibly easy to install and only takes about five minutes without needing any fancy tools or devices.


  • Three color bands are included with the purchase
  • Five-minute installation
  • Universal fit
  • Full-screen access while riding


  • Low-quality clamp

This affordable and high-quality phone mount comes with four high-power, stainless steel clamp arms with corner claws to securely and tightly hold every junction of your cellphone. It uses aluminum alloy nut as well as rubber gaskets to hold the handlebar snugly, thus making sure that your phone is firmly attached to the bike even if the road is bumpy.

Thanks to its easy installation process, you simply have to put on and remove the mount without using expensive tools. Just settle the holder and lock it up via a given screw. The Bike Phone Mount – RYYMX Bicycle Phone Holder features reliable hyper elasticity clockwork for the automatic contraction of the clam arms. You can use one switch to unlock/lock the clockwork and enjoy convenient functioning.

With this 360-degree rotation holder, you can freely adjust your phone to any angle you want. This mount offers you ultimate flexibility in using your phone with its unusual ball and bracket design.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Secure and strong
  • Easy installation
  • 360-degree rotation holder


  • No waterproofing capabilities

We are going to conclude the article by stating what we said at the start. There are so many brands and models of phone mounts in the market, so you must spend some time reading reviews of these best-selling products we have included in this list to be certain of buying a quality product.

For us, the clear winner here is Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount. It is a universal mount that is sure to work well with every phone brand out there. It is also adjustable to fit different handlebars and features a large clamp that is one of the strongest for the protection of your cellphone or mobile device. It’s made from hard plastic for durability and can keep your phone safe at all times with its scratch protection features.  

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